Not Role play. Just me.
Being a submissive black woman

Someone asked me earlier this week to talk about this. 

I forgot.  Forgive me. 

Anyway, I’d say that the hardest part is dealing with the negative stereotypes surrounding black women.  People have talked to me like I’m some freak of nature because I’m a black woman and enjoy serving my guy.  The way black women are depicted in movies and sitcoms makes us all seems loud, demanding and difficult.  I can’t stand that I have to dispel so many of these views.

It’s bad enough dealing with people who are amazed that I’m well-spoken.  I had one guy go on, and on, and on about how shocked he was that he couldn’t tell my race when he spoke to me on the phone.  (Yeah, that shit was annoying.) Couple that with my now having to explain why I’m submissive and “so many other black women are not” and it makes me angry enough to break things. 

My opinion, (MY opinion!  Not speaking for everyone!) is that BDSM is still a huge taboo in the black community.  Most black people I know, (again, not all) have somewhat conservative views on what kind of sex is acceptable.  Activities that are a little more “out there” aren’t something that I have talked about much with my black friends.  I’m not entirely sure why that is.

So again, being a black woman in this lifestyle isn’t especially hard to deal with.  Without the ridiculous stereotypes it’s not anything I give much thought.